About Psinos


About Psinos

The rapid rise of technology and connectivity is making the world more fragile. A set of technologies we globally depend on, collectively runs the economic and societal aspects of our lives. In the 1980s the average time a stock stayed in the S&P 500 Index was about 60 years — now it is 10 to 12 years and decreasing as we move forward. Besides the statistical value this metric bears, it reflects a world of ever growing complexity and transformation. Companies that are not disrupting themselves are being disrupted and sometimes entirely displaced. To stay one step ahead we have to keep our eyes wide open, spot individual technologies and invest into infrastructure that will run the future.

Why Are We Doing It?

At PSINOS we obsess over staying future proof and antifragile to disruptive change. In the age of exponential organization, we target the activation of as many of those ideas as we can. We want to provide hedging opportunities for our partners and invite like minded investors to join us on this exciting mission to upgrade civilization.

What Are We Doing?

We aim to bring the most cutting edge technologies to the market and accelerate adoption of the transformative tech in our portfolio. We make it a top priority for our investors to be protected from the tail risks of “black swan” tech disruption by being on the forefront of the innovation.

How Are We Able To Do It?

We hold a firm belief that in a time of constant change, the only way to stay future proof is to invest in people. Thus we activate our individual and collective polymath capabilities by bringing to the table the most seasoned professionals, the experts, the scholars, the mavericks, and the innovators.