Board of Directors


Paul J. Ostling

Lawyer by trade and accomplished business leader, Paul’s success is built on his reputation of integrity and discipline. In a career spanning three decades, he ascended from associate counsel to the highest level of Global Chief Operations Officer at Ernst & Young (EY). Paul has commanded complex international transactions for the global giant and more recently, emerging startups throughout Russia, the Middle East and Europe with unparalleled expertise that encompasses governance, forensics, technology and Human Capital Management. He continues to serve on a number of influential boards.


Mark O. Schissler

Mark has over 20 years of senior leadership and management in global air operations, strategic planning and board room experience. He has served as Deputy Chairman of NATO Military Committee and Lieutenant General in U.S. Air Force forging consensus among 28 member nations and approximately 40 partner nations on regional challenges & policies. He has achieved successful outcomes leading teams and missions through challenging international settings. A combat navigator with over 3500 hours, Mark is a strategic thinker, skilled communicator and effective international player who is an optimistic and motivational team leader.


Gib Godwin

A retired Rear Admiral, Gib has thirty-three years of active duty both flying and designing the F/A-18 Aircraft. For the past thirteen years, he has been involved in a variety of large and small business ventures. He is a problem solver thriving on the most complex technology integration challenges and has been part of the compression and encryption team for 8 yrs.


Nemanja Nikitovic

Nemanja is a technology risk expert and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience creating and discovering tech innovations and developing those technologies for the market. With a strong focus on IT security and BFSI, he has a proven ability to recognize trends and understand how to apply the technology in today’s complex ecosystems. Nemanja has worked and collaborated with groundbreaking companies and is instrumental in the birth and growth of numerous technologies and teams. He currently serves on the Board of Directors across a range of industries including risk management solutions, fintech and breakthrough algorithmic and quantum cryptography. He’s fluent in Serbian, English, Russian and Italian and has an extensive global network which translates into quick execution.


Nebojsa Naric

With a background in IT, security, and development, Nebjosa has been Involved in financing, advising and operating high-growth businesses for over 15 years. His extensive experience includes operating systems and network security, vulnerability assessment, high-end complex security and infrastructure solutions along with security software development. He is currently CEO/Head of Business Development of  Khaoticen and he also serves on the board of Hemoterm Smart Solutions.


Branko Bajic

An accomplished senior executive, Branko has more than 18 years of experience leading commercial teams spanning Europe and Asia with a primary focus on innovation, telecom and banking services. He is a member of the Board of Directors at fintech company TransferNova and member of the Board of Directors at RemitNova. His varied experience across multiple disciplines includes core and digital product management, program management, brand and value creation along with business and operating model transformation. As a leader and growth catalyst, Branko values and rewards performance-driven people who are inspired to grow and develop through creative thinking, initiative, teamwork, and commitment. Educated in Paris, Belgrade and London, he is fluent in Serbian, French and English.


Georges Al Medawar

A researcher of disruptive exponential technologies, Georges’ background includes ten years of investing in and consulting startups with a primary focus on fintech, DLT, AI/ML. He addresses the challenges of future technological automation, mitigating social risks through the development of sound policies and vocational programs targeting job obsolescence. Building DLT protocols for cyberspace and the bridge to the physical economy as well as identity systems for a machine to machine future economy. Georges is a native speaker of Russian and Arabic and fluent in English and French.


Dmitry Mihkaylov 

A PhD and MBA, Dmitry is the Head of the Research Laboratory at Moscow State University. He is also the author of several books and patents as well as over 100 scientific cyber security publications.