Dragan Toroman

With more than 30 years in IT and computer science, Dragan is an entrepreneur, developer and educator. His extensive experience includes security, Linux administration and networking, project design and management, medical/laboratory software/communications systems and imaging as well as computer science education. For the past 25 years, he has held the position of Head of Computer Science Department in the Petnica Science Center.


Miodrag Zivkovic 

Miodrag holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics and is a Professor of Computer Science, Cryptography at Belgrade University.

dimitry-mihkaylov .jpg

Dmitry Mihkaylov 

A PhD and MBA, Dmitry is the Head of the Research Laboratory at Moscow State University. He is also the author of several books and patents as well as over 100 scientific cyber security publications. 

branko-burdjevic .jpg

Branko Djurdjevic

Branko Djurdjevic has more than 25 years of experience in IT and Audio engineering, in settling, developing and operating companies, business oriented on manufacturing, servicing, integration and distribution of IT products and development of various related technology aspects.


Professor Dr Predrag Petrović

A Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Professor at  Faculty Of Technical Sciences, Predrag has developed new data & encryption processing methods for major multinationals. He serves on the board of qVortex Technologies and he is a Co-founder and Director of the CryptlLogica project as well as Co-Founder of ArmorUS LLC, USA.